Fake Men's Sites and Resources

Fake Men's Sites and Resources

Here are some websites and other resources that pretend to be for men but are actually either feminist websites (designed to make men feel guilty and turn them into manginas) or paint masculinity and/or male sexuality in a negative light. More items will be added as they're spotted/uncovered. (The underlined terms can be looked up in the glossary.)

  • A Men's Project (AMP). A gynocentric and feminist site that assumes masculinity is bad and needs to be whipped out of males to make them serve females better. Like training dogs to make them good dogs for their owners. It does not focus on men's issues or the systematic discrimination going on against men in the laws and policies. It just treats them as servants for the females. It claims to be against gender roles but still forces the female gender roles on the males (that is, males must stay at home and care for the children). It believes that matriarchy is the new norm and the new men and boys need to adapt themselves to it.
  • Emerge. This is a feminist site that considers all men to be abusive and violent, and all women to be perfectly innocent angels. Men are urged to join the site and learn how they can be better dogs for the women while ignoring any female-to-male violence or abuse, and to make donations for the feminist causes on the Father's Day, etc. The group also organizes training for the men teaching them how to be better (unpaid) bodyguards for the women.
  • Man Boobz (old link). A site run by the infamous quote-miner and uber mangina David Futrelle. Pretends to care about the men's issues but actually just propagates feminism, that too mainly by desperate attempts like quote-mining the manosphere writers (even commenters are not spared). Read about it here.
  • Manhood Academy. Teaches men how to be socially dominant and have great relationship with women (Game theory). It's anti-feminist but doesn't do much in the way of addressing the issues men face. Basically, its primary aim seems to be selling its course material to the men. Some of the MRA's believe it's not a men's rights site, some others have different views. For a clearer understanding, visit the Manhood Academy site yourself and decide for yourself.
  • Men Care. This is a website from UN Women (this very fact means that it's a feminist site, meant to serve its purpose of using men and boys as tools for women's empowerment). The basic stereotype displayed on the site is that, without men engaging in servitude of the women, they're all violent child-beaters who care for nobody. It tells men to always pay respect to women (and not all people) just for being women (while there's no mention of reciprocal respect from any woman to the men, nor can such be found on any other feminist site - from the UN or otherwise; in fact, hating men is considered an honorable act under feminism). Read about it here.
  • Men's Rights Activism. This sarcastically named website criticizes the MRM and promotes feminism.
  • Men's Studies. This is men's only in its name. In reality, it's all about women, their 'issues' (men are the problem), and teaching about how to become a mangina.
  • MVP (Mentors in Violence Prevention). This teaches men that women have the problem and men are the problem, and that the "women's issues" (such as rape, battery, and sexual harassment) are men's responsibility. They provide training for the men to become better dogs for the women, and for the women to infantilize them. (The stated goals on the site on their face value may not look so negative but the devil is in the details.)
  • NOMAS (National Organization for Men Against Sexism) is a feminist site (so sexism to them means sexism against females only). This site is all about how all men oppress and objectify all women, and all the time its male and female members ask men (yes, all the men) to apologize to any woman whom they've chosen from anywhere as the latest victim of sexism. In other words, it's simply looking for reasons to belittle and shame (all) men, and masculinity in general.
  • The Gentlemen's Club (TGC). This is a self-described "safe haven" for the male students of the Kennesaw State University (KSU), where men are treated as defective human beings who need to be "fixed". No socialization is allowed to these men outside the club. The founders of the club also treat the MRM sites as "militant". The proceedings of the group are hideous and creepy; it declines the outsiders to record its meetings, but demands the members to consent to monitor their inter-member communications.
  • The Good Men Project (short form: TGMP or GMP). This is a feminist site that assumes that men are inherently faulty/bad and their masculinity and sexuality needs to be redefined according to the feminist principles/standards. Any criticism of feminism is not allowed on the site. Women (and not men) are the main readership group of this laughably irrelevant site, which ridicules and shames men just for being men and tells them that they're inferior to the women. The male writers of this site do not hesitate to sacrifice the lives of even their own sons to prove their faithfulness, utility, and worth to the ideological cause of their slavemasters (feminists). Read about it here.

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