Stop Violence Against Men (SVAM) - Beginning

Stop Violence Against Men (SVAM) - Beginning

Today, 2013/09/01, is the beginning of a new campaign - Stop Violence Against Men (SVAM). The first day of every month is supposed to be a SVAM Day, and a reminder to the people that violence against men is just as wrong as against anybody else. (The underlined terms can be looked up in the glossary.)

Introduction. The Stop Violence Against Men (SVAM) Day, which is the first day of every month, is important in that, while men make up the vast majority of victims of violence, nobody cares about reducing this violence and no money is spent by the government to do anything to reduce it, whereas billions of dollars across the world are poured annually into campaigns to try to reduce the amount of violence against women. In other words, whereas women have the matriarchy (the government) to care about every single one of their issues, men have only themselves (in fact the feminist governance is not even neutral or indifferent toward the men - it's extremely anti-male).

Reason for the SVAM. The double standards of the government controlled bodies is apparent from this simple example (which is representative of the general pattern): The KFC Hotshot Bite ad (which depicts and promotes violence against men) was approved but the CougarLife ad (which depicts far lower level of violence against women, that too at the hands of another woman), or the Slap Hillary game (which depicts violence against only a cartoon of one woman) was banned / not approved.

However, when some fair-minded people objected to it and raised awareness about this gross inequality, the KFC had to take down the misandric ad, which was a win for the men's rights (but, of course, without any government support). It is, therefore, necessary that, in the wake of the government indifference, people who believe in equality act on their own to bring awareness about reducing the violence against men. Unapologetically. There are bigots who will be opposed to the very idea, or try to mock it, or co-opt it by trying to make it more inclusive (by including women). These hypocrite thugs can be ignored or mocked in return, as they typically never object to the similar campaigns that seek to end violence against women.

What can I do? To achieve its goal, the campaign must have an enormous effect. Everyone needs to put a little effort and the sum total becomes a large impact. Add to that impact every month, so more and more people will become aware and give a thought about the violence facing the ignored gender. An added benefit is sorting of hypocrites: Since no reasonable person can object to the idea of reducing violence against anyone (against even men), anyone protesting to the campaign or opposing it would immediately out itself as the bigot, and an idiotic one at that. In short, it is not a campaign that can be effectively opposed. To promote it, please mention the campaign in your tweets, Facebook status updates, on your blog, in your comments, and elsewhere. Raise a few heads. Make a little change. That's all. Every month, more and more people are going to hear about Stop Violence Against Men Day. And that is huge.

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