Is It Men or Women Who are Oppressed

Is It Men or Women Who are Oppressed

There are many a feminist who scoff at the notion that the MRA's paint men as an oppressed class. This is a simple and short attempt at looking into what's probably going inside these feminists' minds. (The underlined terms can be looked up in the glossary.)

What feminists say. One of the core belief of the ideology of feminism is that men, as the members of the "oppressor" class, cannot be oppressed by definition, no matter what is done to them. And women, as being the victims of a system called "the patriarchy", are by definition victims, no matter what they do. The feminists follow and adhere to these principles, as these are the life-blood of their belief system. Therefore, the feminists view anything bad happening to the men, however severe, as insignificant. Similarly, they neglect anything bad done by the women, no matter how severe. As such, when they deny the problems faced by the men or the wrongdoings performed by the women, they're merely uttering what they've been taught to utter like a prayer.

How can a feminist do that? Well, this is a question for the normal human beings like you and me, with a normally functioning brain. Normal human beings are capable of using their brains to look at something and of coming to their own conclusions. This is what sets us apart from the bots or machines, which merely take instructions and mindlessly follow them step by step. Feminists, on the other hand, have damaged (or, perhaps more accurately, feminism-poisoned) brains, which make them incapable of thinking with their own minds. They're indoctrinated bots, whose mere function is to carry out the instructions that have been fed into their brains. As such, they're insensitive and non-thinking creatures (like all other machines are), and such people are perfect at making repeated ready-made statements they've learned (just like a software showing messages like "Are you sure?", "OK", "Cancel", etc). Because that's all they're capable of. (Have you ever seen a feminist come up with some productive invention? Being the "pinnacle of women's empowerment", you'd think at least one of them must have created something useful to the world? Well, no. Which proves that their minds are full of... feminism.)

Why would a feminist do that? Being incapable of any rational or logical thinking, full of hatred and jealousy toward the male sex, and indoctrinated with the simple-minded 'theories' like the Patriarchy, it's natural that the feminists can neither do something productive to earn their livelihood (which is problematic as described ahead), nor can they suck up to a capable man for that (which is okay as that doesn't create a problem for anyone else). Like anyone else, feminists need and like money. But as they're incapable of earning it for themselves, what do they do? Simple. What does a thief do? What does a mugger do? What does a corrupt politician do? Well, these people use dishonest means to get their hands at the other people's hard-earned money. Some of these people (like the thieves) are recognized as bad, both socially and legally. Some others (like many a corrupt politician) are recognized as dishonest by the society but not legally (in fact, they create our laws). In any case, most of these people are either incapable of doing something productive, or are too lazy to pursue the hardships that they'd have to face by following a path of honesty, or are not satisfied with the little money that the honest path may bring them. So they choose the 'shady' path, which is quick and easy, albeit maybe with some legal risks for some of these 'professions' (but totally risk-free, and actually rewarding, for some others). This becomes easier if you already have that sort of company (someone growing up in a bad neighborhood is more likely to become a 'bad' person).

Now, connect the dots and you can easily see that the feminists have 'devised' a means (known as the professional 'victimhood') to get their hands at other people's money (their 'cause' is always funded from the taxpayers' - that is to say, mostly men's - money). Short version: Paint a class of people (in case of feminists, it's all women) as the victims of another class of people (in case of feminists, it's all men), to be living under danger and oppression all the time, and then demand money and resources to be allocated for them (the feminists) so that they can 'correct' this 'problem' by distributing a part of it to the supposed 'victims'. To not be recognized as bad socially or legally, they need to invent some theories (in case of feminists, it's 'patriarchy', 'rape culture', 'wage gap', and others) and use immense propaganda to shove these theories down everyone's throat. Anyone questioning these 'theories' is shamed by being labeled as 'misogynist' etc. Slowly, as these theories become mainstream and hence the thuggery invented by these dishonest lazy people (that is, feminism) becomes the status quo, to which anyone daring to question is then forcefully silenced. And in such a system, then, the feminists have a constant stream of money flowing toward them for just existing. Like in the case of the inventor of a pyramid scheme, only the initialization takes some effort, and then it's all automatic. All you need is maintain the status quo, that is, the impression that the picture painted and the promises made during the initial phase are still just as true (or even more so).

Ideally, this should question the relevance of these thugs when they've been gobbling the public money for so long and are still claiming the presence of the same (or even higher) level of oppression as was in the beginning. However, mostly it does not - Because for one, the feminist tactics are underhanded (laws and policies being passed without approval from all poilitical parties, use of shaming language to force anyone questioning the constitutionality of the feminist decisions to comply, and censorship to silence the dissent from the less powerful ones - that is the general public). And secondly, the sources of information and knowledge for the public (like the media, and the education system) are either forced by the State to be operated according the feminist rules, or they have to appoint feminists as their policy advisors after the whining of 'victimhood' and discrimination from the feminists. (If you think this is too far fetched, just look at how Facebook and Twitter had to bow to the feminist pressure recently. Facebook now often blocks you from posting anything that questions the lies told by the feminists. The European Union is considering making it illegal to question feminism.) Therefore, the feminist propaganda goes unchecked, and is believed by the common people as they have no popular source that questions or disproves it.

Enter the MRM and things started to change, much like what happens when you switch on a torch in a basement full of cockroaches. The claims made by the MRM are based on what's actually happening, and not on some sort of 'theory' that categorises people as good and bad based upon their natural identity. The truth about the men's actual condition become clear when fair-minded people with a functioning and thinking brain consider the claims made by the MRM- Much like what happens when the tactics of a corrupt politician get exposed. The realization that even men are human beings, have feelings, and can have problems just like women, is poison to the theory of Patriarchy, and the whole base of feminism shakes and crumbles when this theory gets challenged. If the feminist theory gets a wide-enough criticism as being a hateful propaganda that paints a group of people in a negative light for existing in their natural identity, the house of cards that the feminist thugs have constructed with great care would start to fall. Which means the feminists would be out of job; and not only that but will be exposed for the hateful scum they are for all to see and disgust. You can easily see how urgent it is for the feminists to stop this from happening, especially as they continue to pour more and more of their wickedness and male-hatred into the law and extract more and more of public money through the government coercion of the common men. The more crimes you commit, the more serious the consequences if you're caught, the more disgust people would have for you when you get exposed, and therefore, the more severe are your attempts at maintaining your mask that hides your crimes. That is why the feminists try their best to discredit anyone showing any concern for any man who has been a victim of either the feminism (i.e., the Kangaroo Courts, Title IX, Affirmative Action, etc) or of any woman in general (e.g., false rape accusation, female-perpetrated DV or other kinds of physical violence including murder, workplace sexual harassment, etc).

So, are men the victims now? Are women no longer the victims? If, on your own or after reading through the above, you think this question is redundant and ridiculous, congratulations. You're a normal human being having a functioning brain capable of thinking. If, on the other hand, you think this is a legitimate question, then seriously, are you a feminist? You think a particular group of people have the sole ownership of 'victimhood' and all members of that group have to be victims by definition? And that people from outside that group cannot be victims? Well, go get a functioning brain (and a life). Femtard.

End of the document.

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