Prone to Violence by Erin Pizzey (Full Book)

Prone to Violence by Erin Pizzey (Full Book)
Note from AVfM Editor Dean Esmay: We are pleased to have obtained permission to reprint Erin Pizzey's classic book, Prone to Violence, first published in 1982. This book is a must-read on the subject of domestic violence, and is what people from the former Soviet Union would call "samizdat", as the book was subjected to concerted campaigns to make it unavailable for publication or distribution in the UK or United States. Over 30 years ago, gender ideologues were already trying to hide the truth - that men and women are equally prone to violence. Although parts of this book are dated, what's most shocking is how fresh and timely most of it still is: Little has changed in the last 30 years, except that the vast majority of peer reviewed scientific research done since its publication has only bolstered all of Erin's most salient points. When it comes to domestic violence, women and men are about as violent as each other, just in somewhat different ways, and its primary victims are children.

... If you have ever been involved in an abusive relationship with a woman (or man for that matter), you owe it to yourself to read this book. And if you know someone who is, or has been, in such a relationship, you owe it to them to get them to read it.

The 1982 suppressed blockbuster book "Prone to Violence" by Erin Pizzey was so upsetting to the feminists that it resulted in death threats to the author, targeted thefts of the book from the bookstores, and more! Here are links to all the chapters of the book. (Links to the remaining chapters will be added as those chapters are published.)

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