The Fraud of Feminism by E Belfort Bax (Full Book)

The Fraud of Feminism by E Belfort Bax (Full Book)
Note from AVfM honcho Paul Elam: AVfM is pleased to present one of the seminal works of Men's Human Rights literature on its 100th anniversary of publication...

It is a fascinating piece of work. Perhaps most remarkable about it is that as you read, you will not find yourself so much transformed back to a different age with different modes of thought. But rather you will read observations and conclusions that will, word by word and line by line, be largely indistinguishable from what you would see today from any critical thinker when offering a candid review of the essence of feminism. You will see repeated references to the same shaming tactics, lies, distortions, revisions of history, use of proxy violence, and methods of manipulating the blue pill masses we continually find ourselves discussing today.

The Fraud of Feminism, by E Belfort Bax was first published in 1913. Let us hope the next hundred years see more progress than we did in the first, and let us never say that E Belfort Bax didn't warn us.

The 1913 book "The Fraud of Feminism" by E Belfort Bax is in public domain in the US because it was published before 1923/01/01. It's available on WikiSource. It's also available for download in various formats (Daisy, DJVU, ePub, Kindle's mobi, PDF, and plain-text). Here are links to all the chapters of the book. (See also archive of other writings of Bax.)

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