Male Privilege or Female Handicap

Male Privilege or Female Handicap

Feminists are always obsessed with and insistent on certain long-debunked myths and illogical ideas like the male privilege, patriarchy, rape culture, wage gap, etc. In all cases, all the related factors claimed behind these myths have been shown to be not only non-existent, but actually working in the exact opposite way; that is, actually there is no male privilege but there's female privilege; there's no patriarchy but a de-facto matriarchy; there's no rape culture as being pushed but the rape perpetrated by the females is either not recognized by the law or is considered normal and healthy for their victims; and there's no wage gap owing to the discrimination against women, but it's the men who are being discriminated against (and that's by law, not by some shoddy hideous misandrist who does it secretly). In this post, let's see how the concept of male privilege finds its justification in a feminist mind and why some of the feminist bigots push it so hard. (The underlined terms can be looked up in the glossary.)

What is male privilege? Males and females are inherently different - by nature, by biology, and by nurture, by their upbringing. There are certain fields of work in which one gender is better than the other, generally speaking. When it's a field in which the females are better, the feminist logic attributes it to the inherent superiority of the female sex and labels the male sex as inferior based on that observation. When it's a field in which the males are better, the feminists say that it's because of XYZ, where XYZ is one of their devised myths, one of them being the male privilege. So if you're a male and hop to the top spot through your hard work, then, according to the feminists, your success is because of your male privilege. Of course, they never cite a real factor contributing toward this privilege (because there's none); they just want you to accept, anyhow, that you're male-privileged and to always remember this. They make irrational points (like the said privilege being institutionalized and invisible, which you're unable to see because of your penis; or the privilege being a group concept which applies to you even if it didn't benefit you; and other bullshit - often in an offensive/rage-filled/abusive tone, as if showing anger will make you accept it like a good kid). They do this because this thinking is helpful in the propagation of their larger agenda: The Matriarchy, which is normalization of the feminine standards (and criminalization of the male traits).

What is normalization of the feminine? In a more popular sense, you know it by the term feminization. Suppose there's a certain thing that males and females do differently, even if it doesn't affect anyone else. (For example, taking a pee - Males do it standing, females do it sitting down.) Now, feminization refers to making the female way of doing the things to be the default, the only accepted norm; and tax or criminalize the male way. (For example, law has been proposed to make the males pee sitting down, like the females.) Under an emerging matriarchy, this is accomplished in every field and with everything, with the help of the pressure from the State and the judiciary.

How is the concept of male privilege tied to feminization and the matriarchy? Well, that is straightforward. If the females are inherently worse in a certain field or are not that much interested in taking up a role in that field as actively as the males, then according to the feminists, that lower level of participation by the females in that field must be the norm (the default), and therefore, the higher male participation must be viewed as an abnormality to be criminalized. Since many such fields form the backbone of the current society, the feminists cannot go ahead and outright make those male behaviors punishable (for example, unlike the peeing posture, a law criminalizing the technical work will be met with a strong opposition), at least not yet. In such cases, the feminists settle to merely shaming the males for being better (or more interested) than the females in those fields. So they resort to call the males "privileged" instead of acknowledging the females' limitations or lack of interest. Once you, as a male, accept their stance and begin considering yourself 'privileged', the rest of the transformation is automatic. Since you're privileged, you now need to do something to counter it (and the privilege of all other males as well), which means you'll now push toward feminization (or at least won't oppose it or see it as something sexist or discriminatory toward you). To wit, the institutionalization of the (very real) female privilege as a law or policy matter comes at the shoulders of the propaganda bullshit of the male privilege myth. When the female privilege starts getting enshrined in the policies and law in every field, matriarchy establishes.

How do I counter this? Reject the myth of male privilege as there's absolutely no privilege you have as a male. Call the bigots telling you that you have that privilege out and tell them that it's a myth and you know their game and the reason behind their insistence.

End of the document.

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