{Examples} - Victimhood

{Examples} - Victimhood

Here are some of the things that the feminists consider as oppressive to the women (i.e., extensions or the beginning of a culture of male privilege, misogyny, objectification, patriarchy, or rape) and the reason for the continued existence of their ideology of hatred for the males/masculinity. Feminism has made this perpetual victimhood of women into a career and a means of extracting money from the government and creating unconstitutional anti-male laws and policies everywhere. Hence why the feminists (and women employing the victimhood tactics to get pussy pass or falsely accuse someone of rape or DV to earn name, fame, status, forced apologies, revenge, and/or money) are also known as "Professional Victims", i.e., people for whom it's a business/job (for which they get paid) to spread the false narrative of victimhhod propaganda and sell fear and misandry, despite the fact that males are everywhere more likely than females to be the victims of crimes. (The underlined terms can be looked up in the glossary. Updated: 2014/11/24.)

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