{Examples} - DoubleThink

{Examples} - DoubleThink

Here are some examples of the DoubleThink and hypocrisy shown by the feminists. (The underlined terms can be looked up in the glossary. Updated: 2013/08/05.)

  • Feminists (and even hypocrite women who claim to despise feminism yet are pro-woman in business) show this trait frequently, implying that the women are just as capable as men when it comes to demanding equal pay, but constantly maintaining the women's victimhood status in order to recieve special rights, lower standards of performance, favors, and benefits from the government and society.
  • Feminists know that the corruption and fraud of feminism has been exposed. However, instead of giving up the ideology, they just want to avoid being called a feminist, while continuing to pursue the hateful goals of feminism (under a different brand or no brand).
  • Women and feminists claim that they're strong and independent, and hate to have men in their lives (forgetting that men don't need women either), saying that "men are intimidated by strong/independent women". They reject their obligation to their part of the social contract. At the same time, they shame men who do not provide for and protect women (that is, who do not hold their part of social contract) by telling them to man up and stop behaving like teenage boys. By the way, if some men do fall for their shaming trap, they then blame those men too, calling them abusive and controlling.
  • Feminists never get tired of shouting "I'm woman, hear me roar", "Women can do anything a man can - better, and in high heels", and such to show off their power, but cling to the oppression and victimhood all the time. For instance, in the US Selective Service System ("SSS", where even retarded and physically handicapped men must register) all women are exempt and the feminists never show outrage on this (and they call the possibility of the women being registered for the Draft a war on 18-year-old girls).
  • Feminists hate female objectification, but also want sexual freedom, and the perks (like pussy pass) associated with objectification. Feminists have problem with women exposing their bodies in the movies, but not when the feminists themselves want women to expose themselves. In fact, even EU presents an example of femispeak by stating that indecent topless exposure is 'freedom of expression' (but apparently only where feminists allow that).
  • Feminists claim to fight for women's right to do whatever they wish with themselves ('my body my choice' etc), but only as long as it suits their ideology. For example, the feminists are opposed to women choosing to become prostitutes and porn stars because they consider it objectification of women. In other words, feminists consider themselves to be the sole proprietor of all the women of the world who will decide what's good and what's bad for them.
  • Feminists hate the wage gap but also want all the career related choices (paid leaves, shorter and flexible work hours, etc) available to the women.
  • Feminists establish mothers as the primary nurturers (having positive influence on a child) when it comes to having child custody, but block research showing the negative impact of a mother's mental/psychological problems on the child (as worded in some of the comments, particularly Tawil's, on this article). Study shows that boys' aggressive behavior is actually linked to the mom's behavior.
  • There suddenly appear a number of Vagina Syndromes as soon as a woman's crime or misbehavior comes to the light, but they're never to be taken into acount when the woman is being considered for a job that might invoke those syndromes. Similarly, the Vagina Syndromes are to be considered for explaining the child abuse by a mother but the psychological issues like parental alienation are not to be recognized when they benefit fathers in a child custody case.
  • When women make bad or wrong decisions (resulting in some kind of harm/loss), the female hypoagency kicks in, making the case that women do not have agency and hence cannot be held responsible for their bad decisions. However, when women make good/profitable decisions, it's never due to others' push, it's always the "Grrl Power".
  • On one hand, feminists celebrate women's bodily functions (mensturation, breastfeeding, etc); on the other hand, they also claim victimhood through these bodily functions.
  • Female feminists have penis envy and they also criticize the masculinity (due to its active and positively aggressive nature) on every chance they get (their mantra being, men should "get in touch with their feminine side"), thereby feminizing them; but they also expect men to man up (that is, accept shit from women, provide for and protect women, ignore abuses from women, etc), that is, behave like a man (actually an object) when it fits the feminist agenda or purpose.
  • When men make romantic/sexual advances to the women, the feminist-poisoned ones among them shout rape and sexual harassment. As a result of this bitchy behavior (and potential risk to every aspect of their lives), when men stop giving attention to them, the women complain that men are not asking them out for sex.
  • Feminists beat masculinity out of men by telling them that they're not good for relationship with women as such, and then the women divorce or refuse to date the feminized 'good men' (or the 'nice guys'). This creates a no-win situation for the men in the relationship/dating game.
  • Feminists consider marriage to be abusive to the women. As an obvious result of this demonization of their manhood and masculinity (and the misandric marriage, divorce, and child custody laws), when men start avoiding marriage, feminists and women call them childish, immature, irresponsible, and tell them to man up, get married, and provide for the women.
  • Women accuse a man of sexual harassment if he asks them out on the job; but when men stop risking their jobs by avoiding women, women claim that this is the reason for glass ceiling or wage gap (rationalization hamster) and sue over "gender segregation".
  • Feminists promote sexual freedom for the women to appeal to the men who want sex, and whine about the rape culture and sexual assaults to appeal to the more traditional men in order to limit (and criminalize) the sexual freedom of the men. Thus, they keep gaining from putting the two groups of the men in fight.
  • Feminists claim that women live in a violent and misogynist rape culture. But they also advise women (via SlutWalks) to be defenseless (actually provocative) and do nothing to protect themselves from it. (Compare it to this: When you tell your friend about a violent neighborhood where there's high probability of getting murdered, would you recommend that friend to visit that place with bundles of money hanging out? You would not, unless you obtain fee for reporting or writing about a case of murder.) Fact is, feminists want women to get raped to manufacture rape victims and artificially inflate the rape stats (which means bloating of pork for them).
  • Feminists claim that all intercourse (even among the consenting couples) is rape and hence avoidable (for women) or punishable (for men). However, they encourage females to be rapists during the intercourse and somehow, they don't consider this to be avoidable (for men) or punishable (for women).
  • Feminists shout misogyny when men refuse giving oral sex to women. However, feminists don't like men "performing" oral sex on women, because then it becomes about their performance rather than the woman's enjoyment. In other words, they need a feeling-less creature in the form of a man that gives women oral sex without showing excitement. But then they say that that creature is like a dead weight.
  • Feminism claims that the gender is purely a social construct and hence the male and female behaviors are not biologically inherent. At the same time, it claims that the women are innately superior/compassionate and men are innately inferior/violent. Feminists never say that women can be just as bad or violent as men under similar social conditioning.
  • Feminism claims to be against stereotypes and ending them, while at the same time it enforces the "Men bad women good" narrative (the male sex is inherently bad and the female sex is always victimized by the men, etc). In fact, the whole ideology of feminism is based on the stereotypical notion of the myth of patriarchy. So yes, feminism reinforces stereotypes, not ends them. A perfect example of femispeak (feminist doublespeak).
  • Women praise and adopt the tradition when it benefits them, and reject and scoff at it when it benefits men.
  • Feminism seems to accept essentialism when claiming that women are inherently better than men, or that men are born aggressive/violent and made more so by testosterone. However, it suddenly rejects it with the claim that there are not enough female engineers due to discrimination, dismissing that it's the same positive aggression that made men more prominent in these fields.

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