{News Stories} - Female Rapists and Sexual Offenders

{News Stories} - Female Rapists and Sexual Offenders
Note: Since the female-on-male rape is never described as "rape" by the mainstream media, but by the milder and more general terms like "sexual abuse" and "sexual assault", therefore, whenever you read a news story of a male victim of some kind of "sexual assault" by women where the full details of what happened are not given, it can well be a female-on-male rape being disguised as a case of the general and broad category of "sexual assaults" (which most people would consider way less serious, like the woman forcibly touching, groping, or kissing the victim, etc). So always think of the possibility of rape whenever you read about the female-on-male sexual assault.

Here are some cases of cougars, female pedophiles, and other female rapists and sex offenders. (Updated: 2013/09/12.)

  • One of Canada's most infamous female convicts, Karla Homolka, is a child-rapist, torturer, and killer. She was released from prison after serving a short 12-year sentence for her involvement in drugging, raping, torturing, and killing young girls over a decade ago. The dead teens included her own young sister whose innocence was offered by Homolka to her boyfriend as a gift. At age 17, Homolka met Paul Bernardo (23 then), and had sex with him on the day that they first met. They shared the same sado-masochistic desires. Bernardo was involved in raping women with the approval of Homolka. The uncaught Bernardo was dubbed as the Scarborough Rapist by the police and the media. His specialty was to attack women getting off of busses, making them endure violent anal rape, and different levels of humiliation. One of Bernardo's constant complaints with Homolka was that she was not a virgin when they met. So Homolka arranged her virgin sister Tammy (15) for him. She stole the animal anesthetic, Halothane, from the vet clinic where she worked. On 1990/12/23, at a Christmas party at the Homolka family home, Bernardo and Homolka served Tammy alcoholic drinks spiked with halcyon. After family members retired, the two took Tammy to the basement and Homolka held a cloth soaked in Halothane to Tammy's mouth. Once Tammy was unconscious the couple raped her. During the rape Tammy began choking on her own vomit and ultimately died. The drugs in Tammy's system went undetected and her death was officially ruled an accident.
    Homolka decided a young and virginal teenager named Jane would make a good replacement for Tammy. She invited the unsuspecting teen out to dinner, and like with Tammy, she spiked the girl's drinks, then invited the intoxicated teen to her home, where Homolka administered the Halothane, and presented her present to Bernardo. The couple then engaged in brutal sexual attacks on the unconscious teen, capturing the events on videotape. The next day when the teenager awoke, she was sick and sore but had no idea of the violation her body had endured. Jane, unlike others, managed to survive.
    On 1991/06/15, Bernardo kidnapped Leslie Mahaffy and brought her to the couple's home. Bernardo and Homolka repeatedly raped Mahaffy over a course of several days, videotaping many of the assaults. They eventually killed Mahaffy and cut her body into pieces, encased the pieces in cement, and threw the cement in a lake. On June 29, Mahaffy's remains were found by a couple canoeing on the lake, the same day that Bernardo and Homolka got married.
    On 1992/04/16, the couple kidnapped Kristen French (15) from a church parking lot after Homolka lured her to their car, pretending to need directions. The couple brought French to their home and for several days videotaped their acts of humiliating, torturing, and sexually abusing the teen. Right before the couple left for Easter Sunday dinner with Homolka's family, they killed her. Her body was found on April 30 in a ditch in Burlington.
  • 6 wives of a Nigerian husband Uroko Onoja (businessman) raped him to death. After returning from a local bar at 03:00, the victim had headed to his youngest wife's room. At that time, the other wives - who had planned their attack while Onoja was away - entered the young woman's room with knives and sticks, demanding that their husband have sex with all of them at once. Onoja stopped breathing when the fifth wife was en route to his bed. The wives ran into the forest after Onoja's death.
  • BBC journalist Russell Joslin (50) killed himself after complaining of being sexually harassed by a female colleague, because his complaints about alleged sexual harassment were not taken seriously. His harassment included unwelcome advances and a threatening voicemail, and spanned the years 2005 to 2008. He died in hospital 3 days after walking in front of a bus. Coroner Louise Hunt ruled the identity of the woman could not be revealed. Ms Hunt said it would be wrong to attribute blame to a single factor. BBC 5 Live's Phil Mackie said it appeared the allegations - which were officially made by Mr Joslin - were omitted from an official report sent to BBC managers.
  • Canada Court Watch interviewed women who had spent some time in women's shelters in Canada. One of the women speaks about how she and other residents were psychologically and sexually abused by the women's shelter workers. The shelters are preying grounds for lesbian social workers who sexually exploit and prey on the vulnerable women who come into these facilities. A lot of shelters in Canada, UK, US, and even in Australia have been found to operate this way.
    For several years, True Equality Network (TEN) has conducted investigations into reports of child abuse, child molestation, abuse of women in the shelters, organized operation of prostitution, sales of illegal drugs, misuse of federal funds, and violations of employment laws. The facts are not being let out by the corrupt VAWA-funded feminist organizations.
  • Courtney Sue Reschke (35, mother-of-three) sentenced to 20 years total (but she's eligible to parole after just 3 years) for raping teenage boys. She pleaded guilty to 6 felony counts of lewd conduct with a minor, with all the encounters involving the same boy. In exchange for her plea, the prosecutors dropped charges accusing her of abusing several other boys. Reschke hosted wild nights at her house, luring teenage boys - acquaintances of her kids, to her home through text messages and Facebook, giving them alcohol and then raping at least 8 of them, some in front of her own kids. The sentencing was 4 hours long, in part because of expert testimony and attorney argument about whether a female sex offender should be given different consideration than a male offender! "She has committed crimes against many, many children and has affected their lives", Jean Fisher, Ada County Deputy Prosecutor, told the court. Defense Attorney John Loschi presented examples of Reschke's life unraveling, from divorce to a bankruptcy to a DUI charge. He portrayed the sex acts as one month of off-the-rails behavior. But Fisher's expert forensic psychologist giving the opinion Reschke is a predator with deviant behavior. Loschi asked the judge to put Reschke into a programming option that could get her out of prison in as little as 6 months and keep her from general population. He said psychologists acknowledge a difference in how female offenders can be treated. The bigoted judge Ronald Wilper said, "I think that the state believes there should be some measure of equality or parity when a judge sentences a male sex offender who violates little girls versus a female sex offender who violates young boys. There is a difference. I have a difficult time articulating precisely what that difference is. It's difficult to try to explain what that difference is, but nevertheless I think we know there's a difference". The victims' families and prosecutor were disappointed. In the the witness impact statements written by parents of the boys who were abused, the parents reported that their sons began having behavior problems after the abuse took place, became isolated and socially awkward, had trouble in school, and suffered from anxiety and depression.
  • 3 teen girls accused of running a teen prostitution ring in Ottawa, allegedly using social media to befriend and lure 7 girls (13 to 17) over 3 weekends to sleepover to a home where one of the accused girls lived. Those invited were encouraged or forced to drink alcohol and take drugs; and if they resisted, they were beaten by one of the accused. The accused girls used dating sites to find the "johns". Nude or semi-nude photos were also seized from a cellphone allegedly used to market the victims. (Alleged involvement of a fourth teen girl, who faces similar charges, was also revealed, but her trial will be held at a later date.) The 3 girls face 74 charges including human trafficking, procuring for prostitution, abduction, forcible confinement, robbery, sexual assault, assault, uttering threats, printing and publishing child pornography (took about 20 minutes to read the charges in court).
  • Paradis girl (15) rapes and sexually assault 5 boys under the age of 11. She was arrested after she allegedly showed up at a party at the home of one of the victims, where the assault occurred. She was booked with 3 counts of aggravated rape and 5 counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile. But no matter, the girl was released into the custody of her parents.
  • A northern Alberta woman (37, police is not releasing her identity in the name of protecting one of her victims' privacy) is facing numerous sex charges including 3 counts of sexual assault, 3 counts of sexual exploitation, and possessing child pornography. She is also charged with luring a child.
  • Kayla Renee Walters-Merrian is charged with 3 counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor. She asked three boys (11, 12, 12) to come to the woods with her and made them perform sex acts on her.
  • Two Regina women (37, 55) face over 40 child sex abuse charges. Each woman faces 22 child abuse related charges, including 4 counts of sexual assault with a weapon, 2 counts of assault causing bodily harm, 5 counts of assault with a weapon, 4 counts of invitation to sexual touching, 3 counts of sexual interference, 2 counts of producing child pornography, and 2 counts of possession of child pornography. The alleged victims are two girls (10, 11) and are currently undergoing medical and psychological treatment.
  • Former debutante and distant relative of post-war British prime minister Clement Attlee, Jill Dudley sexually abused her identical twin boys Alex and Marcus Lewis (49 now). She also occasionally 'passed them around' male friends in London who abused them - She would drop them off at a house and pick them up the next morning. The two men have written a book, "Tell Me Who I Am" (co-written by Joanna Hodgkin), in which they tell their story. Alex had lost his memory at age 18 after suffering head injuries in a motorbike accident. After coming out of a week-long coma, he instantly recognised his twin Marcus, but had absolutely no recollection of anything or anyone else - including his mother and the terrible deeds she had committed. So he relied heavily on Marcus to fill in the gaps of the childhood he'd completely forgotten - and Marcus made a decision to protect him from dealing with what had happened and did not tell him about their sexual abuse at the hands of their mom. Jill was a flamboyant, noisy, dramatic, and eccentric woman, with size 10 feet. She gave the impression of not having a penny to her name, dressing in charity shop clothes, and running a vintage stall. (Later, after her death, the twins were stunned to discover that far from being too poor to feed them properly, their mother had been hoarding money left to her by various members of the Attlee family. According to Alex, it amounted to 'millions'. Behind a concealed door in a wardrobe they also found a collection of sex toys and - disturbingly - a naked picture of the twins.) The twins never had enough food at home - they would wolf down meals at other people's houses because they were so hungry. At their prep school, it was discovered that they were severely dyslexic, and were dumped in a comprehensive, where they were horribly bullied. At home, they were treated like servants. To this day, Marcus finds it difficult to talk about the abuse, which he says was sporadic and seemed to stem from Jill's voracious sexual appetite and total lack of inhibition. Embracing the sexual liberation ushered in by the Swinging Sixties, she moved in a louche, Bohemian world. Alex says of his mother, "She didn't have any boundaries... Whether it was turning up uninvited to our parties and saying inappropriate things to our friends or wearing outrageous clothes, she just didn't think it was wrong." Aged 12, the twin boys had been recruited to serve drinks and canapes to guests at a party. Later, Marcus remembered coming face to face with one of his abusers at that party, "I could see a man in the drawing room who had done unbelievable things to me. And I had to serve him a drink. I was so frightened I peed myself in the hall, right in front of everyone, frozen on the spot aged 12." Marriage had been no barrier to Jill's thirst for sexual adventure. After their father's death, Jill abandoned her twins in a children's home for a year until she was shamed by relatives into taking them back.
  • Erica Dillon (31) was already a registered Megan's Law sex offender because of a 2010/02/26 guilty plea to charges of indecent assault of a child (5, her family member, she had raped him in 2002) and endangering the welfare of children. But, being a woman, she was out on $50000 bail, free to rape other children. On 2010/04/15, Dillon and her live-in boyfriend Antonio Morano (26) watched a pornographic video with a boy (14) inside their residence. And then Dillon raped the boy in the bedroom of the home while Morano watched. Cases like this poke holes in the theory that women who abuse do not commit repeat offenses. Had the boy's mother not noticed something, this woman may have continued to abuse that boy and others. (Who knows if she already has?)
  • Livermore, CA woman Christine Shreeve Hubbs (44), who was previously sent to prison for having sex with 2 minors (14, 14), was caught with pornography 5 days after her release, and jailed for allegedly violating her parole.
  • Woman (27) and a teenage girl (her relative) raped and sexually assaulted 2 mentally challenged boys (17, 17) in White City, Soweto. One of the women allegedly led the boys into her house, and raped one of them, telling him they were making a baby. (An educational psychologist had testified that the boys' mental capacities were of the ages 6 and 8.) The women have been acquitted. Magistrate Audrey Mpofu found both women not guilty on all charges because the boy who was allegedly raped had difficulty answering questions during cross-examination. Mpofu said it would have been easier if DNA samples had been taken.
  • "It was hell, I can't walk!" - The exhausted African man found sobbing in the street after 36-hour sex ordeal in Munich, Germany in a one-night stand with a German nymphomaniac woman (47) who demanded too much sex. The woman was previously arrested last month after another exhausted lover (43), who was forced to make love to her 8 times, escaped onto a balcony and cried for help. The woman had refused to let him go and he complied with her wishes another few times so he could finally leave the apartment. But she continued to refuse and demanded even more sex. Incredibly, when police arrived at the apartment, the woman even tried to tempt them into her bedroom. Unlike what would have been done to a man doing the same thing, this woman has now been taken to hospital for psychiatric observation.
  • Staff Sergeant and single mother of a daughter (7), Emily J Allen was sentenced to 3 months in prison and 30 days of hard labor. She had raped a male trainee and was seeking sex with another.
  • Male soldier (25) gang-raped by gang of 4 women. He wanted a lift to the city, but he was threatened with knife and taken to a house miles away, where they undressed him, and took away his phone and $35. The women blindfolded and raped him for 4 days. He was then dumped in mountains and stoned on his left foot, causing a serious injury. Notice how the article completely avoids the word "rape" and describes the incident merely as one of "sexual assault" or "sexual abuse" (because when women rape men, the cases are often described as merely those of a "sexual assault").
  • 4 women meet man (19) when he was out alone at a nightclub near King Street and University Avenue, at the end of night offer him a drive home but instead drive him to a parking lot in the area of Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue, sexually assault him, then drive him a short distance away, and ask him to leave (not keeping their promise of driving him home). Since the details of exactly what happened to the victim have been hidden away, this is the type of the case which might well be a rape (because when women rape men, the cases are often described as merely those of a "sexual assault").
  • Female teacher Leah Gayle Shipman marries her rape victim (who was a minor at the time when she raped him) to avoid prison. Minor or adult, fact is, when the rapist is a woman, the courts go out of their ways to protect her by all means possible.
  • Council chiefs allow care worker Vicky Callaghan (33) to set up home with troubled boy (16).
  • Lisa Lynette Clark (37 at the time of incident) married and had baby with her son's friend (14). Clark served prison time. The couple reunited and tried to regain custody of the child after her release.
  • Female teachers having inappropriate relationships on the rise in Texas. As usual, the MSM encourages women to continue with raping with no shaming or consequences by trying to hide and downplay their identity (as females) and crime (of rape) as much as possible.
  • Other female teacher that are rapists / sexual offenders (notice the lack of the word "rape" in most of the stories when they're on a mainstream media source, also notice the pussy passes being rewarded freely):
    ~ Abbie Jane Swogger.
    ~ Abigail Marie Simon.
    ~ Aglaia Cloud (dance teacher).
    ~ Allena Williams Ward.
    ~ Alison Peck.
    ~ Amanda M Ludwig.
    ~ Amber Stroda.
    ~ Amie Lou Neely.
    ~ Amy Tilley Bower.
    ~ Andrea Ebert.
    ~ Ashley Jo Beach.
    ~ Ashley Marie Eck.
    ~ Autumn Leathers.
    ~ Becci Hill.
    ~ Bonnie McLachlan (decision awaited).
    ~ Bridgette Lynette Murphy Gean.
    ~ Bridgette Miller.
    ~ Brooke Dinkel (counselor).
    ~ Cameo Patch (the 3rd District Judge Mark Kouris went on record for remarking this while awarding a pussy pass: "If this was a 29-year-old male and a 17-year-old female, I would be inclined to order some incarceration").
    ~ Carrie McCandless.
    ~ Catherine Rayne.
    ~ Cheryl Grampa.
    ~ Christie N David.
    ~ Christina Butler.
    ~ Cindy Clifton.
    ~ Courtney Louise Jarrell.
    ~ Courtney Speer.
    ~ Cynthia Horvath.
    ~ Danielle Reed.
    ~ Debra Beasley LaFave (she got only 3 years of house arrest after her attorney essentially argued she was too pretty for prison; she is the reference for the main character of the novel Tampa written by Alissa Nutting who went to high school with LaFave).
    ~ Donna Lou Sanders.
    ~ Dorothy Elizabeth Dixon.
    ~ Emily Suzanne Hansford.
    ~ Eppie Sprung Dawson.
    ~ Erin Sayar.
    ~ Erin T Haskell.
    ~ Gabriela Cortez.
    ~ Gay Davidson-Shepard (along with husband Daniel Shepard).
    ~ Jamie Lynn Greenwood.
    ~ Janet Brown.
    ~ Jaymee Wallace.
    ~ Jenee Blackert.
    ~ Jennalin Garcia-Calle.
    ~ Jennifer Collins McNeill (her juvenile victim is not from the same school).
    ~ Jennifer Helen Dalton.
    ~ Jennifer Mally.
    ~ Jennifer Rice.
    ~ Jennifer Tyree.
    ~ Jodi A Kellish.
    ~ Jodi Kirkpatrick (AKA Jodi Glascoe).
    ~ Kalee Warnick.
    Karissa Wesley.
    ~ Kelsey Hartmann.
    ~ Kelsey Peterson.
    ~ Keri Ann Brekne.
    ~ Kimberly Crain.
    ~ Kinsley Wentzky.
    ~ Kristin Leone.
    ~ Lana Trotter (softball coach).
    ~ Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst.
    ~ Lesley Ann Sharp.
    ~ Lisa Footer.
    ~ Lisa M Lavoie.
    ~ Lisa Robyn Marinelli.
    ~ Liza Anne Roberts.
    ~ Lucinda Rodriguez Caldwell.
    ~ Madeleine Martin.
    ~ Malia Brooks.
    ~ Margaret De Barraicua.
    ~ Marie Johnson.
    ~ Mary Kay Letourneau.
    ~ Melissa Ann Andreini.
    ~ Michelle Stabach Jensen.
    ~ Natasha L Sizow.
    ~ Nicole Jacques.
    ~ Pamela Balogh.
    ~ Pamela Rogers Turner.
    ~ Rachelle Gendron.
    ~ Roseanna Langley.
    ~ Samantha Sullivan (soccer coach).
    ~ Sandra "Beth" Geisel.
    ~ Sarah Jones.
    ~ Shanice Adel Lambert.
    ~ Sherri M Windsor.
    ~ Stacy Schuler.
    ~ Stephanie Fletcher.
    ~ Stephanie Ragusa.
    ~ Stevie Glasspool.
    ~ Sylvia Zoleta.
    ~ Tammy L Larlee.
    ~ Tara Bagley (former vice principal).
    ~ Tara Driscoll.
    ~ Traci J Tapp.
    ~ Vicky Lynn Lewallen.
    ~ Whitney Chiles.
  • Ashley Jessup (24) is charged with raping her son (10-month-old) and sharing the videotaped assault with her boyfriend. She is being held behind bars on a $1 million bond. She sexually abused her baby at her home, and performed sexual acts on the baby, which she videotaped and emailed to a boyfriend at his suggestion. Following Jessup's arrest, her infant son was taken into protective custody. The baby's father, Jonathon Vasquez (19) is now trying to get custody of his son. "I have seen a lot of cases over the years and had other similar cases, but the child has typically been 3 or 4 or 5 years old. I have never seen [a rape victim] 10 months old", the prosecutor said.
  • Jalissa Baez (19, babysitter) raped boy (9) for a period of several months and apparently warned him not to tell anyone.
  • Tawny Hickman (18, babysitter) gave boy (9) hickey marks on the neck and stomach when they sucked each other the previous night; the affair had been going on prior to this but the boy's mother didn't believe the rumors about it since she trusted Hickman.
  • Woman (36) rapes her son's school friend (11), gets pregnant, and gives birth to a child. This began about April of 2012. The woman's son took a day off school and encouraged his friend to do likewise, spending the day at his home. During the course of the day, the woman gave the boy beer to drink and then later raped him. The boy's sexual violation continued for months. The boy had approached the principal of the school in his office about two-thirds of the way through the 2012 school year and told him that he had a disclosure to make. "You won't be very happy with me", the principal recalled the boy saying. He said he had been having sex with his friend's mother "and it needs to stop". The boy was "very aware" of the situation he was in and determined he wanted the contact to end. The case has caused counsellors working in the area of child sexual abuse to highlight the lack of attention given to women as potential offenders. In New Zealand, where this happened, there's a disparity in the law (and the punishment) of rape, which makes it impossible for a woman to be accused of the crime (or sentence her to the jail for the same length of time that a man would be). 'Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse' manager Ken Clearwater said most abuse of the sort in this case was not reported. He said the way the boy disclosed to the principal underscored the way in which the abuse was perceived; the boy appeared to believe he was the one who had acted wrongly. He said the psychological impact would expose the boy to added risk of alcohol and drug abuse, relationship problems, anger and other mental health issues. Manukau-based family lawyer Jeremy Sutton said under the law the boy would not have rights to the child unless he was present at the birth. He said he would have to make a case for access. He also said there were exemptions from child support for victims of sexual offending. (But in many cases the male victims of rape have had to pay the child support.) Statistics New Zealand does not hold data on the ages of fatherhood, only of motherhood.
  • Salem woman Sarah Beth Hopkins arrested and charged with 20 counts of child sex abuse and rape against a boy (11, now 12). The boy's mother said of their 'relations', "I'd pick up his phone and there'd be porn on there. I'd pick up her phone and there'd be the same site... I'd walk in to her house and they'd be watching porn together." So why would she continue to allow her son to keep visiting a woman who showed him porn? Probably because she assumed that women are not potential pedophiles. And the same myth probably also made Hopkins bold enough to post pictures with her victim on her Facebook page - She essentially hid in plain sight.
    Hopkins is currently held up a $1 million dollar bail. The police suspects that there may be more victims.
  • Dance star tells of his sexual abuse ordeal. When Aaron Gilmore (31 now, 12 at the time when he was abused by Hendrika Margaret Shaskey - a woman 23 years older than him and mother-of-two) told police he had been sexually abused by a woman, the police officer's first response was, "I'm failing to see a crime here". "It was like being hit with a sledgehammer", says the "Dancing with the Stars" performer. The offender was jailed for just 5 years in 2003 for the abuse. But she would have faced a longer sentence had she been a man having sex with a girl because the law then had not conceived of the possibility of a woman abusing a boy. "When she was first charged she was only going to be charged with cruelty to a child", Mr Gilmore says.
    Charges of sexual violation were added later and the law was changed in 2005 to raise the maximum jail term to 10 years for any "sexual connection" with a person under 16 of either sex. But Gilmore's offender survived that change. Mrs Shaskey had started taking the kid Aaron on activities with her own children, and at the same time cultivated a friendship with Mr Gilmore's mother. "I looked at her like a second mother." After about 9 months, Mrs Shaskey drove him to a carpark alone one night and started "full-on kissing". He was "in a state of shock", but also liked the physical closeness. Over the next few months he started staying the night at the Shaskeys', and Mrs Shaskey took him on a holiday to the West Coast. In a hotel in Greymouth, she got into bed with him. Even though he had not yet finished puberty, his body responded. "That's one of the challenges of being abused as a guy... It's a reaction to physical stimulus." Mrs Shaskey's marriage broke up a few months later. She, of course, kept the children, and soon after Mr Gilmore's parents let her take him in as a boarder because she lived closer to his new high school and dancing school. He rebelled once early on, but she "burst into tears... and went storming down the hallway saying, 'That is it, I am going to tell your parents'". He gave in, accepting that everything must be his fault. "After that she [...] became quite mean and cruel and really, really controlling."
  • Marilyn Rosario (34) came to the home of a boy (13) posing as a health worker who was there to talk to him about sexually transmitted diseases, and raped him at knifepoint, followed by robbing him. She pleaded guilty to second-degree rape and got 6 months in jail (not prison) and 10 years probation. Rosario was initially charged with first-degree rape. She even had the audacity to claim that the boy paid her to have sex at knifepoint. The court, showing its cruelty toward the female rapist, ruled that in addition to 6 months in jail for raping a child at knifepoint, she would also have to repay the $9 she robbed! Now that is what you call true justice. Joke aside, it's hard to decide what is more ridiculous: The total slap on the wrist or that the judge buying her "intellectually challenged [...] motivated by her addiction to cocaine" feminist clap-trap defense. Perhaps County Court Judge Stephen Lindley thinks that this boy was lucky to be initiated so young. Maybe he feels the boy should understand the consequences of "prostitution"? Who knows? But given the woman's clear intent - the deception, the assault, the robbery - it is impossible to pretend that gender did not play a role in letting this rapist walk.
  • Cecelia Rona Hale (32) raped boy (13) several times between 2012/07/01 and 2012/07/04, got pregnant, and had a baby. The boy told the principal of his school, who alerted police and CYF (Child, Youth, and Family). She was also charged with assaulting the child using a glass as a weapon between 2012/10/01 and 2012/10/31. She has been bailed to an address bordering a high school. Principal Vaughan Couillault said that if an alleged male sex offender had been bailed close to a school there "would be all sorts of uproar" and measures would be put in place.
  • During a party with beer, wine, and vodka, Amanda Wheeler got drunk and kissed and groped a boy (12). Later, she performed lap dances and straddled teenage boys. After that, she bit a boy (13) on his neck and raped him. Amanda denied 4 counts of sexual activity with a child and one of sexual assault, but was found guilty. Judge Patrick Thomas QC said he did not believe the incident "arose out of paedophilia", but it was a "one-off". (So a woman must rape at least twice to become a rapist.) She was given a 2-year prison sentence suspended for 2 years at Birmingham Crown Court. Judge Thomas said statements by the victims showed the assaults had not caused them long term trauma. He said, "It is because, and only because, of the victim impact statements, and the impact of the sentence to be served upon your children, that I think it is appropriate to step back and suspend the sentence". (What the boys stated to make the judge think they were unharmed by Wheeler's actions is unclear. If he went only by victim impact statements and not a psychological report, then he did not base his decision on anything of merit.) The judge did order Wheeler to 10 years on the sex offender registry, but it will be quite redundant since she still has custody and access to her own children, and therefore easy access to others. The sentence smacks of the typical double standards: A woman can prey on several boys in front of other people and literally walk out of court with a smug look of satisfaction when a man in a similar situation would definitely serve behind bars.
  • Judge Howard Mason said he took the unusual step of wholly suspending the jail term for Jenny Lee Mitchell (41) because of her tragic background of horrific abuse and alcohol dependency. The judge said Mitchell was extremely drunk when she anally raped a child (14) and afterwards expressed remorse and apologized. The incident happened in after Mitchell bought a slab of vodka Cruisers and shared it with a boy (17, who was staying with her at her unit) and his younger friend. "You have been very much a victim", the judge told Mitchell, "The incident was spontaneous (and) you were acting out of character". Hundreds of male child rapists have had as bad and worse experiences, yet they go right to the jail. The female rapists' alcoholism and abuse are probably far more important than any harm they do to their victims.
  • Astoria woman Julie Diane Green (35) threw a party for her children, some of the children invited to the party were allowed to drink alcohol. She then raped a boy (14) at the party. Green was arrested and charged her with rape and endangering the welfare of a minor. While the latter is not a serious charge, the former definitely is (at least if the criminal is male). It is a felony that usually carries a 5 to 15-year sentence. Of course, Green did not get that, she got 30 days in jail, 36 months probation for the rape conviction, and another 36 months for the second conviction. She also must register as a sex offender. Would a man have received the same sentence? Most probably not. But if he had, one could be sure that it would prompt a host of outrage. The worst punishment Green will receive is being placed on the sex offender registry. However, given her gender that is not likely to pose any real problems for her, so she has essentially gotten away with drugging a child and raping him.
  • Sheboygan girl Norma J Guthrie (17, of 1034-A Michigan Ave.) was charged with misdemeanor sexual assault for raping her boyfriend (14) multiple (10 to 15) times. Under a charge of fourth-degree sexual assault, if convicted, she faces a maximum of just 9 months in jail.
    Compare this to a very similar case of the sexes reversed that happened on the same day. Sheboygan boy Alan J Jepsen (17, of 1416 New York Ave.) unknowingly 'raped' his girlfriend (14) who had lied to him that she was 16. He is facing a count of felony second-degree sexual assault, which carries a maximum prison term of 25 years.
    Assistant District Attorney Jim Haasch, who filed both complaints, said the misdemeanor charge was filed in part because Guthrie has no prior criminal record. But online court records show Guthrie has a pending charge of misdemeanor battery, filed in October. Haasch would not say whether Jepsen has a prior juvenile record - which is typically sealed - but the boy has no adult charges listed in online court records. Haasch also used hamsterbatics to rationalize the double standards, saying the cases are different because Guthrie's victim is "almost 15" with birthday in February while Jepsen's turns 15 in April! What do you call this blatantly dishonest attempt at granting a pussy pass to the female rapist? Given that a boy can be arrested on the rape charges even when the girl is older and is making a false rape claim?
    This kind of bigotry and double standards are not uncommon under the current regime of matriarchy.
  • Barbara Renee Case (36) met boy (15) online and had sexually explicit conversations online and on telephone with him for 5 months. She then flew to Australia to meet him and had sex with the boy numerous times over several days at a cabin she rented. They spent their first night together in a holiday park cabin in Bendigo; for the following 11 days, the pair had intercourse on 8 occasions and engaged in oral sex 3 times. The Australian court handed her a pussy pass, however, in the US court she was pleaded guilty.
  • Mistie Rebecca Atkinson (32) engaged in incest, oral copulation, and lewd contact with, and distribution of lewd material to, her minor son (16). In a hand-written letter to the court, Atkinson pleaded for leniency, saying that a vagina syndrome called GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction) made her become intimate with her biological son. So she only received 4 years, 8 months in state prison under a plea agreement. According to the boy's father, the mother engaged in sexual comments with her son, treating him more like a boyfriend than her child, "It got to a point where their conversation began talking about harming me and killing off her boyfriend she was (now) living with. She was sending him pictures of her body and basically seducing him."
  • Man set up a camera for ghost hunting in his home, ended up filming his girlfriend (28, has not been named) of 11 years raping his son (16). She had been doing this since past and is pleaded guilty by Tasmania's Supreme Court to 5 counts of having sex with a young person.
  • Idaho woman Robin Carol Hackney (34) arrested for raping a teenage boy at an unoccupied house. She was sentenced to 8 years in prison but the sentence was suspended and she was given probation and ordered to jail for 120 days. She admitted to raping the victim at least 2 times and confirmed that she had brought the victim to the undisclosed property multiple times.
  • A woman (35, her identity is permanently suppressed) raped the young son (13) of a family she boarded with. She has avoided jail and is sentenced to 10 months' home detention after admitting 2 counts of sexual connection with a young person. She raped the boy on 2 separate occasions while they watched movies alone in an upstairs lounge. On each occasion the pair were engaging in "consensual play fighting" (yeah, boys are, somehow, able to consent even at 13, even though the girls are not) when the woman raped the boy. In fact, the boy had even started to avoid her. Seeing this (possibly the warning signals that he might tell his family), she herself approached her employers and confessed her abuse followed by making an admission to police. Victim impact statements from the family were read in court but their details were also suppressed by Judge Cocurullo. The judge said the extensive suppression orders were solely to protect the victim's identity(?). The judge said he was taken by the boy's victim impact statement, which demonstrated courage and wisdom beyond his years. (Which means, a boy can be regarded as a responsible adult when a woman rapes him.) He also declined to impose a $200 offer for emotional harm reparation, saying the woman was of modest means.
  • Natalie Williams (22) took a boy (14) to a hotel and got him high on cannabis before raping him. She had also used a bank card that the boy had stolen from his family to pay for the overnight hotel stay and drugs, and regularly withdrew money on it. After she was arrested, she deliberately got pregnant with a new boyfriend in an attempt to get the womb pass and stay out of prison. But Judge Simon Bourne-Arton, QC, told her that her pregnancy would not dissuade him from locking her up - because a man who preyed on a young girl would face jail. She admitted 3 charges of sexual activity with a child, attempted sexual touching, fraud, and handling stolen goods. She was jailed for a total of 2 years and 4 months.
  • Woman (36) wooed boy (14) to her house by telling him that if he had sex with her, he would not feel pain when he goes for circumcision. So the minor agreed to spend the night with her and they entered the house at around 18:00 in full glare of her neighbors. She raped him for a whole night before the neighbors raised alarm. The woman was caught red handed. The boy has since escaped from home following the shameful act.
  • Emmanie Louise Angela Hughes (31) raped boy (13) at a swingers' party. She is cleared of any charges.
  • 'Madam Mayhem' Joyce McKinney (60 now, 25 at that time) met Kirk Anderson (19 at the time, a hulking Mormon) in a drama class. They had a brief afair (she says she became pregnant but miscarried), and a guilt-stricken Anderson went for advice to his bishop, who arranged for him to come to England on missionary work. McKinney set a private detective on his trail and discovered he was working at a church. Accompanied by a bodybuilder 'bodyguard' she'd hired from a gym, a pilot named Jackson Shaw, and a devoted friend named Keith May, she flew on a commercial flight to Britain to pursue Anderson across the Atlantic - armed with ruthless determination, a bottle of chloroform, and a pair of mink-lined handcuffs. But Shaw and the bodybuilder bailed out of the adventure when they saw the fake gun and chloroform, realising this was not the 'rescue' mission she had described. Renting a 17th-century cottage, she and May drove to Ewell, where May engaged their quarry in conversation by posing as a potential convert. Waving a fake .38 revolver at the missionary in front of his church, May led him to McKinney in the car. With Anderson lying in the back quaking under a blanket, they drove to the cottage. May then manacled their prisoner to a bed - spreadeagled - with a 10ft chain. McKinney then ripped off and burned his underwear, and raped him for 3 days. Eventually, after promising to marry her and having his chains loosened, Anderson managed to escape and went to the police. He told them that during his ordeal McKinney said she would ravage him until she was sure she was pregnant. She was sent to prison to await trial for false imprisonment, but a vagina syndrome was slipped in and she was released on bail after 3 months. The Press whisked her off to parties where she met members of the Rolling Stones and the Bee Gees; she even managed to upstage Joan Collins, star of the film The Stud - in a Rolls-Royce - to the premiere of the film. But then she disappeared. She and Keith May jumped bail, allegedly dressed as nuns, escaping to Canada on false passports while pretending to be deaf-mute mime artists. Disguising herself as a nun for several months, she learned that Scotland Yard considered itself well rid of her, and was certainly not going to try to get her back. So she offered to sell her story to a British newspaper. The journalist sent to meet her describes in the film how he found her in another of her bizarre disguises, this time dressed as a Red Indian. When a rival paper dredged up adverts and nude pictures which revealed her to be a former call girl, she became hysterical with rage. In 1984, she was arrested for stalking Anderson outside the office where he worked in Utah. Police reportedly found chains and handcuffs in the boot of her car, suggesting she was hoping to repeat her sexually motivated kidnapping. 3 years ago when she disguised again as a woman claiming to be a Hollywood scriptwriter and calling herself Bernann McKinney. Initially she denied but eventually she had to admit that she was Joyce McKinney. A film is now being made on McKinney, the former beauty queen. She still believes she has done nothing wrong, and insists that she never raped him; it's impossible for a woman to do so, she argues, observing crudely, "It's like trying to put a marshmallow into a parking meter". To most of the public, however, it was simply a jaw-dropping saga of sexual obsession. Several recalled the time she threatened to set her snarling pit bull on the sheriff and his deputies when they went to serve papers on her for a local misdemeanour. During 2004, she was charged with instructing a boy (15) to break into a house in the neighbouring state of Tennessee, apparently to raise money to buy a false leg for a beloved horse.
  • Christine Wilson (25) posed as a boy called "Chris" (17, as she lied about her age) to get girl to become sexually intimate with her. The girl fell in love with "Chris" and believed she had lost her virginity to her in 2010 when Wilson used a sex toy. Wilson had also conned another girl (15) in 2008 into a sexual relationship by posing as a man.
  • Gemma Barker (19) disguised herself as 3 separate boys to have sexual encounters with 2 friends (15, 16) who, along with their families, were fooled even though they knew the real Gemma. Her scheme involved 'deception of everyone around her'.
  • Justine McNally (18) masqueraded as boy to get girl (16) into bed. She disguised as a "Goth" named Scott and was welcomed by the victim's family into their home. She then lured her into intimate encounters, promising her marriage and children. At one point, McNally was almost exposed when she broke up with another girl who she had been dating in her home town; the spurned woman got in touch with the victim and made a comment about "Scott" being a girl. But when confronted, McNally lied her way out of the situation.
  • Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt (18) arrested for statutory rape over a same-sex relationship with a highschool girl (14). Kaitlyn's friends and family setup a "Free Kate" Facebook page and online petition in hopes of having the case dropped. Support for the rapist is strong - A petition for freeing her had got 105000 supporters since Friday (and 300000 a few days later). There also are supporters saying that "it's not rape if she's gay". She has been treated with extreme leniency by the courts.
    A few months later, Kaitlyn Hunt is back in jail after sexting underage girlfriend.
  • Ringette coach Kelsea Joy Hepburn was caught with a girl (13) in the basement of the teen’s home after a kiss and dropping their pants. She had to stop from proceeding further upon the arrival of the teen's mom, running and hiding between a wall and furnace. The teen's exploitation had been going on for months. Notice how shamelessly she plays the parroted line that she is not a bad person because her 'feelings' made her do all this.
  • Lauren Book (11 at that time) tells about her experience with her female nanny who was a pedophiles. The shame and guilt she felt kept her from telling anyone about it for almost 6 years. She was afraid that people wouldn't take her story seriously because it involved her trusted nanny, a seemingly sweet and affectionate woman who was a part of her family. The trauma from that abuse is something she still deals with daily. She later founded Lauren's Kids, a nonprofit organization committed to preventing child abuse and healing survivors.
    But there are many children still suffering the ongoing tragedy of sexual abuse, including boys abused by women. A male victim featured recently in the television program Intimate Crimes describes the years of anger, relationship dysfunction, and strain produced by the abuse he suffered at the hands of his female babysitter. And yet, many of the friends to whom he disclosed the abuse considered him privileged to receive the sexual attention. In fact, the advocacy organization Male Survivor reports that boys often suffer significant and unique effects of abuse, aggravated by the perception that men are not supposed to be victims.
  • Two girls in Florida sexually assault a boy (11), laugh at him, humiliate him, and strip him naked, with no charges filed against them at all.
  • Education Department denies liability for the sexual abuse of a primary school boy (5) by a female student (7) in the toilets of their school. The boy claims the girl and her brother (4) prevented him leaving the toilets and punched him when he refused to expose himself. The boy's frustrated parents want the department to pay for their son's medical and psychological treatment after it refused to provide any counselling for him.
  • Rickesha Burns (21) charged with sexually abusing her son (2) with a vibrator, forcing the sex-toy into his anus so violently that the object had to be surgically removed. Police found the boy crying and bleeding from his rectum. Doctors noted that the toddler was also suffering from other rectal injuries as well as a "hanger-type" bruise on his hip and another bruise on his neck. The rape definitions are so favorable to the female-rapists that Burns is not charged with child rape; she is charged with child abuse and sexual misconduct with a minor.
  • Ex-NFL cheerleader Elizabeth 'Leigh' Garner (42, married) from Nashville, Tennessee charged with sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for child rape. She is accused of following her friend's son (12) into a bathroom, fondling his penis, and offering to perform oral sex on him. The boy told police that Garner asked him whether he had 'ever been with a woman' before she tried to pull down his pants. Garner claims she's innocent because she 'thought he was a man'.
  • Brisbane mum (41, who cannot be identified because she is a woman) sexted explicit photos of herself in a series of lewd text messages to teenage boys in the friend-circle of her son (14). She texted images of herself wearing a pink G-string, squeezing her breasts, and a picture of her genitals to 3 boys (all aged 14), and told them one of her fantasies was to "dance naked" and have sex with them. In various messages, she also asked the teenagers to "check out her tan line" while she was wearing nothing more than a pink G-string. She sent another of the boys naked photos of herself and pictures of her "chin-down" wearing a leopard print bikini. The more explicit photographs sent to the boys included photos of the woman's genitals. One of the texts sent to a boy read, "I wanted to fuck you at [my son's] party, I wanted to rip your pants off..." Other photos sent to the boys included the woman's bottom and images of her breasts being squeezed together with the text "just for you xx".
    She was contacted by a friend of the boys, who also requested images of her, at which point she called the school and reported the behavior, leading to a police investigation. Around the time their contact was uncovered by police, 2 of the boys asked for the contact to cease. The boys had in some instances sent photos of themselves wearing only underwear to the woman.
    The woman will not receive a conviction, after Magistrate Elizabeth Hall took a flight from justice when she 'found' that the woman suffered from a psychiatric "flight from reality" (there you have the latest in the vagina syndromes). "Your behavior arises out of a medical condition, not out of an inclination to harm children", said the pathetic excuse of a magistrate. She then sentenced the woman to 200 hours' community service. (Yeah, that will teach her).
    This type of pussy pass is very common.
  • Workplace sexual harassment (all names have been changed to protect identity): Digvijay Pawar (27, working in Vimannagar-based IT company) hails from Mumbai and shifted to Pune after getting a job 2 years ago. His sympathy for a senior colleague (a widow) bothered other women colleagues. "One of them created a fake email ID in my name to trouble her. She even threatened to commit suicide if I remained close to the widow. They harassed me for a year, taunting me, sending me gifts and letters in the name of the widow colleague. They also dared me to prove my manhood to them. After I complained to the HR, they were counselled and the woman who led the others against me was asked to resign."
    Vinod Joshi (31, project manager with a Yerawada-based IT company) is married and has a son (2). "After attending a company-organised picnic with me, a junior woman colleague started sending me greetings on my official email ID. I initially ignored it, but she started calling me and sending gifts to office and home. She even reached my home once and created a scene, besides hacking my emails and sending lewd messages. The HR department initially laughed off my complaint, but later warned her when I provided the proof. I approached the HR again when the harassment continued only to be informed that action has been taken against her."
    Revenue department official Bharat Kulkarni (35) says, "A senior woman officer would make me purchase clothes and other items for her, besides showing me sexually explicit images in her cabin. She would also grope me when I would go to get her signature on documents. When I protested, she threatened to file a molestation case. I approached the police but they asked me to remain silent. Now I have sought transfer to another city but the memories are still scary."
    James D'souza (PhD student from a reputed university) said, "A woman professor harassed me for 2 years. She extracted INR 100000 from me and sent threatening SMS' saying she would discontinue to be my guide if I don't allow her to kiss me. She also asked me to spend a night with her. Frustrated, I stopped visiting her and my doctorate is still pending."
  • Workplace sexual harassment (names of some victims have been changed to protect their identities): Bangalore-based professional Rajan Gopal (26, had been happily working for his IT company for 3 years) announced he wanted to quit his cushy software job. Because he was being sexually harassed by his female boss and team leader. She had been a mother figure to him when he was a fresher. But she started making personal advances. When Gopal turned her down, she got even by making him work long hours and gave him poor ratings.
    In another case, Sameer Khanna, fresh out of engineering college, got his first job at a Mumbai-based IT firm, and was assigned a team with a woman manager. 6 months down, she asked him to accompany her on out-station client visits, which soon started extending into weekends. She then tried to get intimate with him, which made him uncomfortable. Even though the young techie found the situation sticky, he was wary about lodging a complaint. He was sure his grievance would not be taken seriously. He finally found another job.
    Virag Dhulia, head, gender studies, Confidare India, a Bangalore-based men's rights group, believes male harassment goes largely unreported in India because victims don't speak up. "And when they do, the companies downplay it." Ajinkya Diwan, a Pune-based IT professional, was ignored when he complained to his company's HR team about being stalked by a woman colleague. "She would call my parents to chat. She'd get into my car and ask for a drop back home. She landed up home on my birthday", recalls Diwan. When he complained to HR, they sat on the matter, "I had to push them before they said they'd act".
  • Hamilton mom (46, she will remain unidentified), who had been taking pornographic photos of her children and sending them to an overseas penpal, has been charged with making, distribution, and possession of child pornography.
  • Sarah Adleta (28, University of Central Florida - UCF - student), who made child porn and sent it to Aaron Dixon, has been arrested. She recorded herself sexually abusing children while a man in North Carolina watched live over the Internet. She admitted she had been sending photos to Dixon for about a year. Neighbor Cheney Mills says that Adleta had offered to babysit her children in the past, but Mills always felt that something seemed amiss. This occurred just a month after a mother in Toronto, Canada was arrested for taking pornographic photos of her own children and sending them to a male penpal in the United Kingdom.
  • Federal agents are trying to identify a woman (23 to 29 years old; unidentified women are often given the generic female name of "Jane Doe") who filmed a long-form pornographic video with a victim (4 or 5 years old). Agents from U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations division have also taken the unusual step of getting an arrest warrant for the woman despite the fact they don’t know her identity.
  • Florida girl (15) took a picture of her friend (another teen girl) and a teen boy (whom one of them was dating) having oral sex. They had posed for the picture and remained friends for several months. But then at a point, after getting angry at her friend, the girl started showed the image to other teenagers (her classmates) and circulated it. She is arrested and charged with a felony child porn count.
  • Girl (17, who cannot be named) posted the nude photos of St Kilda Football Club players on her Facebook account a week before Christmas, which created a scandal when she was threatened with legal action by the football club. So she lied that she took the lewd images herself. "I think it was my first reaction... to say I took the photos, because I can't get in trouble if they are my property." The girl, who claims to have been impregnated by one of the St Kilda players, said her motive behind posting the images was to stand up for women who had been in a similar situation. She turned up to a Saints training session and littered the reserve with handwritten flyers saying "Fight the Power" and "Women's Rights" (all idiots seem to be obsessed with feminism, though only some are identified). A police spokeswoman said no charges had been laid. (She has the pussy, so she gets a pass.)
  • British Columbia (B.C.) woman Theresa Louise Goddard (45) arrested in Virginia following an undercover sting operation in which she traveled to the US to have sex with children. The investigation started after an internet ad posted by someone with the handle "pervstepmom". The woman, described as "older yet attractive perverted single female" interested in a number of "incest scenarios", said she "wanted to become a stepmom to an incest family". She began corresponding with a federal agent posing as a 51-year-old man, whom she thought was the father of Amy (10, fictitious girl) and Mark (9, fictitious boy). The pair spent two weeks planning the molestation of his children by Goddard, speaking first by email and then Skype. "Among other topics, they discussed Goddard travelling to meet (the officer) and engaging in sexual activity with his 2 children, and the possibility of Goddard becoming pregnant so that she could sexually molest her baby." During one video chat over Skype, the woman said: "This is something I have to have, something that is just part of me. I am a pedophile." After the arrest, Goddard told police that he (the man she was there to meet) never talked about having sex with his children. Additionally, she stated that it is wrong for people to want to have sex with children. When asked if she recognized the tickle_me_terry13 email address used during the undercover operation, Goddard said she did not know anything about it. She was then shown a photograph the officer sent to the tickle_me_terry13 address, and Goddard said she recognized the photo. Goddard has been charged with "attempting to persuade, induce, entice, and coerce a minor to engage in sexual activity", a felony offence. None of the allegations against the woman have been proven in court.
  • Girl (10, identified only as "Ashley") charged in the US with aggravated sexual assault after raping boy (4) during a game of "doctor". She was inappropriately touching the child. 2 months later Ashley was arrested and charged. She spent 4 days in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Centre.
    This case just goes on to show how insane the feminist laws are and how the crimes, criminals, and victims are being manufactured by criminalizing the normal things including children's play. While the females are arrested in a very few cases, this is the reality of everyday for the males. For example, see how even the judge finds it unreasonable (but forced by the law) to register Fitzroy Barnaby (28) as a sex offender. The crime? He grabbed the arm of a girl (14) to chastise her after she walked in front of his car, causing him to swerve to avoid hitting her. In other words, any man holding the hand of a female is now a sex offender, even if the judge doesn't think so, because the laws are written like that. Or, for an example of a case involving children, look at the example of this boy (6) who was playing "doctor" with a girl (5).
  • Newmarket single mother Diane Porter (49) has been charged with giving alcohol to Stephen Vinczer (12) during a house party. The boy, having been served excessive quantities of alcohol, was hospitalized. The hospital tested his alcohol at toxic levels. His father Attila Vinczer (48, active Canada Court Watch member) said Steven suffered alcohol poisoning and had to be rushed to the hospital after a party at which he drank numerous "porn star cocktails". Before allowing his son to attend, Mr Vinczer was assured during a telephone call that there would be parental supervision the night of the party. However, when it came time for pick up at 23:00, Mr Vinczer was shocked to see his stumbling son being led to his car by two young girls. After inquiring what had gone wrong, the two girls told him that Steven must have spent too much time in the sun. And when he asked if drugs or alcohol had been involved, they replied no. When Mr Vinczer talked to his son and asked him what was wrong, all he got in reply was incoherent mumbling and something about drinking "pop". Mr Vinczer rushed his son to Southlake Regional Health Centre. Before long, he vomited. "It was at that point that I smelled booze", Mr Vinczer said. Steven said the incident involved 5 young people in their early teens or younger.
    When Attila complained of the incident to the police, the initial officer, a female cop, spoke to the woman who told the officer that there was no booze in her home, which Attila says was a total lie. Attila says there is a strong suspicion that she is also a sexual predator, as her policy is if you drink, you must have a sleepover at her home.
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