{Examples} - Misandry

{Examples} - Misandry

Here are some examples of incidents of misandry. (The underlined terms can be looked up in the glossary. Updated: 2013/09/07.)

  • Misandry in the psychological research, studies, and their findings and results, wherein the male victims and the female perpetrators are omitted (and the issues faced by the males downplayed) in the final conclusion. The dishonest and feminist omissions and manipulations of these studies result in the baised projects, policies, and laws with a predictable and destructive effect on the men and boys.
  • The so-called Detention Centre for illegal immigrants is actually only for the male illegal immigrants. The Mayor and the government are perfectly happy to let the illegal women wander about and bum off the population.
  • Feminists laugh at men's penises being cut off or set on fire. There also are music videos glorifying real incidents of 'heroic' women cutting off their husbands' penis (of course, if you reverse the sexes, there's no way such videos would have been tolerated; proving that the culture is one of promoting misandry).
  • The Australian government has DV helplines for the women only. To the male victims of DV seeking help, the helpline tells them that they're violent abusers.
  • Indian minister awards women money for slapping and beating their drunk husbands in public, the more severe the beating, the more prize money. Nice first-person shooter game, eh? By the way, since there's no support for the male victims of DV, even without any official award from the government, husband-beating is quite common in the South India. That is not to say that the North India is completely free from it - wives do beat husbands in North India too.
  • Massachusetts claims to end 85% of domestic homicides with its plan under which men (and not women) will now be rated by how violent or controlling they are. Those who are rated high are then subject to heightened risk monitoring, and their victims are given extra resources to stay safe. If the 'abusers' (including whomever the feminist governance think is an abuser) start acting up, they can have their child visitations terminated or be made to wear GPS trackers. They may even be put in jail or in a psychiatric hospital for violating probation or restraining orders - courtesy of a preventive detention program that was mostly used to prevent gang or drug violence in the past, a program that gives the government leeway to restrain you even if your behavior otherwise falls short of the threshold to charge you with further crimes.
  • Man thrown out from moving train for mistakenly boarding the women's car (the women-only compartment of the train).
  • Misandry and corruption in the Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case, where the prosecutor Angela Corey concealed exculpatory evidence.
  • Under matriarchy, no male is tolerated excelling at anything, even if he manages this despite facing constant put-downs, hatred, and discrimination. Any of his hard-won achievements are labeled as something negative for the society (read, females), his wings are cut down, and he is actively discouraged and put in his place by the feminist authority. Tyler Weaver (9) won the 6-week-long "Dig into Reading" event run by Hudson Falls Public Library in upstate New York by completing 63 books from 2013/06/24 to 2013/08/03, averaging more than 10 a week. He has consistently been the top reader since kindergarten, devouring 373 books over the 5 contests. This became impossible to tolerate for the library director Marie Gandron, who said Tyler "hogs" the contest every year and he should "step aside". She plans to change the rules of the contest so that instead of giving prizes to the children who read the most books, she would draw names out of a hat and declare winners that way. She then made her rationalization hamster work hard by giving a 'reason' for making the contest a non-contest (draw of lots), saying that several years ago a little girl came in claiming she had read more than 200 books and she was lying. It makes no sense but to a feminist everything is fair in war against boys. Predictably, Tyler's mom Katie Weaver said if Ms Gandron takes an alternate approach to the contest next year, neither of her sons will participate. Mission accomplished.
  • The Blue Moon Fitness gym has an alarm system which any woman staffer can use to shame, harass, and humiliate any male member by claiming that he was behaving badly. The gym highlights, "At the end of the day, we know that is what we would want someone to do for our own mother if she was in a gym 500 miles away dealing with strangers". That is, no concern for their own father being huliated by stranger women (followed by his membership being canceled and him being forcibly kicked out) in a gym 500 miles away.
  • Kentish Town Sports Center, co-governed by a pro-feminist local government, bans all men and boys from their gym room and pools for 7.5 hours every week because they're considered potential threats to women. This ban generally happens at peak times, with an abrupt announcement asking all men to leave the building in a walk of shame and humiliation. The Center still charges men the same annual membership fee as women, has no equivalent "men's hour", and has failed to conduct any research into men's needs.
  • The gym chain Planet Fitness kicks man out of the gym for grunting, and uses the derogatory term "Lunk" referring to the men only. Other gyms also engage in similar male bashing and shaming practices. This is the usual way to make women feel superior and special - not from anything they may do themselves but by further degrading and lowering the status of the men.
  • Apple and Google approve "Boyfriend Trainer" app (much like the dog-training sessions) on iPhone and Android, promoting violence on men and boys, and teaching and encouraging girls to domestically abuse their boyfriends. Of course, a similar app promoting violence on women/girls would never have been approved.
    Google does it again with the the "Boyfriend Tracker" app (much like your dog-tracking units), yay!
  • The app Lulu enables women to profile (read stalk), rate, and gossip about men; but men are not allowed. The way the app functions, any number of random women can anonymously review any man in any way they like. No accountability whatsoever for potentially destroying a man's reputation (for example, by labeling him a rapist).
  • Zazzle approves and sells "Kill All Men" mesh hat.
  • Published article teaches how to slap an ex in his face. Feminists talk about beating up boyfriends and punching man in the street. Mainstream magazine Cosmopolitan teaches women how to heap violence upon their male partner. Another article justifies killing husbands. Such articles, if the sexes were reversed, would (correctly) be labeled as supporting violence and perhaps be taken down.
  • Misandry in Facebook and Twitter users' status updates/comments and tweets.
  • Misandric ads/commercials and companies portraying males in a negative light or as inferior to females; for example:
    ~ Allstate.
    ~ Bourne Kitchens.
    ~ Clorox.
    ~ Discover Card.
    ~ Durex Condoms.
    ~ Family Dollar chain store.
    ~ Frank's Red Hot.
    ~ Gillette.
    ~ GoAir Airlines.
    ~ Hallmark.
    ~ Huggies.
    ~ Hyundai.
    ~ Intel.
    ~ KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) promotes female-on-male violence to sell its Hotshot Chicken Bites (cf, 'Slap Hillary' game, or the CougarLife ad).
    ~ Kia.
    ~ Kinder Bueno.
    ~ Lego.
    ~ Nike.
    ~ Pistol Etiquette.
    ~ Samsung.
    ~ Socked.
    ~ Virgin Life Insurance.
  • There also are misandric movies, music, soaps, TV shows, and other fictional media.

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