{Examples} - Male Disposability

{Examples} - Male Disposability

Here are some examples of male disposability. Jump to the male genital mutilation (circumcision) item. (The underlined terms can be looked up in the glossary. Updated: 2013/09/14.)

  • Mandatory male-only registration to the Draft, with dire consequences of failing to register, including jail upto 5 years; fine upto $250000; ineligibility for federal financial aid, federal jobs, and federal Workforce Investment Act; and separate state-level restrictions.
  • Government's indifference toward the higher number of male work deaths (92%) - Basically, 30 men die for every 1 woman. The bottom roles (i.e., dangerous, low-paying, and risky jobs, e.g., garbage collector, sewer maintenance, roofer, welder, etc) are overwhelmingly taken by the males - Of the 25 professions ranked lowest in the US, 24 of them are 85-100% male. Men account for 93% of the roughly 4500 workplace deaths that occur every year. However, as Dr Warren Farrell points out, the government has passed more laws to protect women in the workplace from dirty jokes than it has to protect men from injury and death due to faulty rafters on construction sites. Maine's workplace fatalities for 2011 jump 30% from previous year. Here's the census of fatal occupational injuries.
  • Homicides - occur at much higher rates for men than women. Men are more than 3 times as likely to be a victim of homicide than women. And since the government and the various organizations are focusing almost exclusively on violence against women, it looks like the situation will prevail for a long time.
  • Suicides - 4 to 10 times higher than females and increasing in the middle-age men. Here are some facts:
    ~ In general, male suicide rate is higher than the female suicide rate almost across the globe.
    ~ Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in America and men are about 4 times more likely to kill themselves. And the male victims are socially shamed if they express their problem to the society at large to seek a solution or some compassion before choosing the path of suicide. 4 out of 5 suicides in Canada are men.
    ~ In Korea, an average of 33.5 people per 100000 take their lives per year (nearly 50 suicides per day) - Suicide is the leading cause of death among Koreans under 40 years of age, with the suicide rate for men clocking in at 41.4 per 100000 (nearly double the women's number which is 21).
    ~ A divorce makes men much more suicidal than it does women. For example, as of 2005, suicide rates in Canada per 100000 people were 17.9 men and 5.4 women - The other most common suicide victims are divorced and/or estranged fathers (a divorced father being 10 times more likely to commit suicide than a divorced mother and 3 times more likely to commit suicide than a married father).
    ~ "Using vital statistics to explore different aspects of suicide in Canada has shown that males are far more likely to commit suicide than females".
    ~ In 2012 alone, 13000 male farmers committed suicide in India, with nothing done to address the situation. 65000 married men commit suicide every year in India, and still more anti-male laws are being passed, considering the men as just collateral damage in an era of women's empowerment.
    ~ Suicide rates in different countries suggest that married men commit suicide at a rate much higher than that of women.
    Even so, the politicians and the MSM highlight the women's suicide attempts (which did not result in their death, and are actually intended to be non-fatal) over the actual male suicides. A CDC study says that women actually don't attempt suicide more often than men: "The prevalence of suicidal thoughts was significantly higher among females than it was among males, but there was no statistically significant difference for suicide planning or suicide attempts".
  • Women in Papua New Guinea's Highland region are killing their male babies. "All the womenfolk agreed to have all babies born killed because they have had enough of men engaging in tribal conflicts and bringing misery to them." All the major MSM sites have removed the story (because, after all, it paints women in a negative light).
  • Neglect of male health related issues (including bias against men and boys in mental health research), like prostate cancer, which, despite being the most common cancer in men and the 4th most common cancer overall, lies 20th in the annual cancer research spend per case diagnosed, etc. Breast cancer - the most common female cancer which has a similar death rate to prostate cancer - received more than double the annual research spend. After Leukaemia, Ovary was second in terms of receiving the most research funding, with £1912 per case diagnosed; followed by cancers of the brain and central nervous system. Similarly, bowel cancer (second most common cause of cancer death in the UK after lung cancer) rates among men have soared by 29% while among women the rise is 6%, but why there should be such a stark difference between men and women is still unknown. Men don't even talk about their illnesses (especially cancer) and ignore them, resulting in more severe problems and even death. One reason for this attitude of the men is the media's highlighting of only women's health problems (especially cancer), as a result of which the men assume that it's just a women's problem and not a serious thing for the men, which is not true. Another is, the government only focuses on the female health; male health, if considered at all, is just an afterthought.
    In India, women have better health care facilities available to them. WHO data shows that deaths due to diseases and injuries for males is 883.2 per 100000 as compared to women as 788.7 per 100000. Also, average life expectancy of women (65 years) is higher than males (62 years), which implies that women live longer and healthier, and hence have lower malnutrition.
  • Spending on research for women's health has yielded tremendous benefits for women in breast cancer detection, treatment, and even preemptive treatment ("just in case"). There was furious outrage in the US when a task force recommended against mammograms for women under 50, based on science that determined the risks of testing outweighed the benefits. However, public outrage ensured that the test remained available and fully-funded.
    But how about widespread prostate cancer screening? Apparently it's not needed, in part because men are "much more likely to die of something else". To put it another way: men don't live long enough to die from prostate cancer. Heck, if all men could be persuaded to die by middle-age on the job or in war, we wouldn't need to fund any research on Men's Health. We could simply conclude that men don't die from heart attacks, men don't die from lung cancer, and even that prostate cancer doesn't exist; because it is almost non-existent in men under 60. If they hang themselves, we won't talk about that. Fact is, after 65, there are more deaths due to prostate cancer than from breast cancer.
    Under matriarchy, men's views and opinions about something that affects males in far greater numbers (lung cancer) are not sought and not given any importance, and are considered included in and represented by their owners' (women's) views and opinions.
  • ObamaCare forces all the people to pay for insurance and then spends the collected money disproportionately on certain groups of people, the main gripe being extreme discrimination against men. Among Latino and Black adults, the majority of the uninsured are male (and this may also be the case among whites, Native Americans, and mixed-race adults). Even if any uninsured man of any race does get coverage, the coverage will not cover the screenings or treatment for the testicular, prostate, penile, or anal cancer (i.e., mostly male-specific health problems). There is far more coverage for conditions that always or almost always affect only women.
  • Osteoporosis drug subsidised for women not men, who pay more than 50 times the price (e.g., men pay $300 a dose for a treatment for thinning bones that costs women just $5.90).
  • Even though many more men than women die of overdoses from prescription painkillers, the only concern being shown is toward women who overdose on the painkillers!
  • HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infection (that someone can catch through sex with a person carrying the virus, and is the cause of majority of anal cancers, many penile cancers, and a majority of certain types of oral and throat cancers) affects both genders. Oral cancer - a tumor frequently caused by HPV - has risen by 50% among UK men since 1989, now accounting for almost 2000 deaths per year, and the figure is rising. HPV infections also remain common in men as they get older, whereas it tends to become less prevalent in their female counterparts. Girls aged 12 and 13 are routinely vaccinated against the virus because of its link to cervical cancer. They also receive a top-up injection at 18. But for men? HPV causes two thirds as many cancers in men as women (and this may be an underestimate), yet the vaccination rate for boys is a measly 1.4%, as compared to roughly 50% for girls. There's no approved screening test and no immunization, even though study by The Lancet (medical bible) reveals that 50% of the world's male population are carrying the virus. Even if a man walks into a clinic and demands to get tested, he can't be helped. In fact, he won't know he's infected until a lesion shows up on his penis, mouth, or anus. And afterward, if he does reveal the source through which he caught the virus, he is demonized because this embarrasses his female partner (and for going against the male-on-female oral sex, which the feminists promote) - a perfect example of solipsism and ridiculous double standards. On the other hand, the if a woman does get infected by the virus and she reveals the source, she is lionized and called heroic for naming the man. And it's not just the oral cancer either; neglect of males is the case with all types of cancers. UK's biggest cancer fundraiser - Cancer Research UK's Race for Life - bans men and boys from participating, because "Our supporters would strongly prefer to keep it a female-only event as it's a unique opportunity for women to come together in a non-competitive activity within an atmosphere of sisterhood". That is, forget that men are universally dying from cancer more frequently than women, instead, worry about women's feelings of "sisterhood" when they're running around a field. Again, this has solipsism written all over. The Health Department refuses to vaccinate boys because it's not "cost effective for the NHS"!
  • The NHS (National Health Service) considered the topless model Josie Cunningham's breast enlargement (from 32A to 36DD) "necessary for health reasons" (and she has a boob job on the NHS to boost her confidence, at a cost of £4800 to taxpayers), but does not consider the toddler boy Oliver Dockerty (2, who has cerebral palsy and desperately needs operation to walk) as worth of funding.
  • Legal acceptance and encouragement of MGM (male genital mutilation, infant- or child-circumcision), despite its severe mental and physical ill effects (including death). A new study in the British Journal of Urology International shows that men with normal, intact penises enjoy as much as 4 times more sexual sensitivity than those who have been circumcised. Circumcising slices off more of a male's sensitivity than is normally present in all 10 fingertips. In addition, circumcised men, with a 75% loss of the sensitivity compared to that of intact men, might decline to wear further-desensitizing condoms. Some may consider themselves "safe" because of circumcision, adding to their determination to have sex without a condom. The feminists support and encourage male genital mutilation, citing their own hatred of the penis skin as the only valid reason - Their other reasons, like hygiene and lack of sexual pleasure, are just made up or blatantly opposite of the reality (because men - and their women - in the countries where circumcision is not popular are perfectly hygienic without it, nor their doctors ever recommend it; plus, if a man does want to get circumcised, he can always choose to after becoming an adult - Infant circumcision for the pleasure of his future girlfriend is blatantly feminist and a violation of human rights). Far more male children are being circumcised than the females, but still it's perfectly legal everywhere and the taxpayers' money is being spent on solving the relatively tiny issue of the female genital mutilation (which is virtually non-existent). Here are some assorted stories of the ill effects of the unnecessary evil that the male circumcision is:
    ~ Arab (Muslim) and Jewish doctors to cooperate on circumcision to make it cheaper. (No valid male health problem is ever made cheaper.) Also notice in the photographs in the linked story how it's mostly the women who are present for mulating their sons, contrary to the usual fembot claims that it's only men who opt for their sons' circimcision. In Korea as well, where circumcision was not traditional, it has been gradually introduced into the medical system by the mothers (not the fathers, who were very ambivalent). In interviews, the women stated that they thought this would make the boys more masculine, or even that it would make them better lovers as adults by giving them greater potency.
    ~ At least over 15 boys have died at the initiation school (these schools circumcise young boys in a program to turn them from "boys-to-men"). More than 8 boys (aged 13 to 15) were circumcised without their parent's consent (as if the consent would have somehow prevented the deaths). There already was another case of death of 8 boys (aged 15 to 21), who died at the initiation schools around KwaMhlanga and Verena areas respectively on 2013/05/08 and 2013/05/09. A boy (18) from Dennilton also died at the initiation in Bronkhorstspruit, allegedly because he bled a lot. Of course, no arrests have been made.
    ~ Unidentified woman (36) has been arrested by the Swedish police in connection with the illegal circumcision of 2 young boys (her relatives) in the town of Eksjo, after receiving a call from someone who heard the boys screaming. (However, it should be noted that the practice of male genital mutilation itself is legal in Sweden. It's only illegal when done without the supervision by a medical professional.)
    ~ Boy (12-hour-old) suffered a partial amputation of his penis during a botched circumcision - A portion of the distal tip of his penis was inadvertently amputated. The child was rushed to Children's Memorial Hospital, where a pediatric urologist re-attached it. However, the boy will be left with scarring and is at risk for altered nerve sensation in the affected area. The boy's family has earned $1357901.12 in exchange for the permanent damage to their boy. "I'm sure that [the boy] will be grateful that this injury was not as devastating as it could have been", attorney Timothy Tomasik said. "But he will always be different, and that is something he has to live with for the rest of his life."
    ~ Boy (8-day-old) slipped into unconsciousness during a circumcision ceremony and was taken to hospital in a critical condition. The infant underwent the brit milah ritual at the Pinhas Lavon synagogue in Holon when he stopped breathing and lost pulse. Medic Yehuda Mizrahi was first to arrive on the scene, "When I arrived, the baby was completely blue, not breathing and with no pulse". He described how he began resuscitation techniques, including massages to try to restart the boy's vital systems. Finally an ambulance arrived and the infant was rushed to Wolfson hospital. Doctors began investigating what might have caused the incident, including excessive blood loss - A congenital disease or infection.
  • Forced sterilization (vasectomies) of men for things like parking tickets, in order to reduce population. This is the realization of part of Theodore Kaufman's book "Germany Must Die", which advocates forced sterilization of the whole male German population. By the way, UK is not far behind in terms of forced sterilization of men, either. (Of course, no forced strelization, or anything else, is ever considered 'if it's a woman.)
  • Lower average life-span (6 years shorter than females). On average, American men die almost 5 years earlier than women do, and boys are significantly more likely to die before reaching their 18th birthday than girls are.
  • Indian government's Food Security Bill will provide free or subsidized food to the eldest woman in the household as the only official recipient. She is free to decide how the food is shared in the family, with no means put in place to ensure that she is distributing the food appropriately to every member of the family without discrimination or blackmailing (in fact, she is free to sell the received food, and no man in her family has the right to question her). Effectively, this makes the men totally dependent upon the goodwill of the women. This kind of discrimination is also at the core of certain international relief programs (such as the WFP - World Food Program) run with support from the UN, Red Cross, and such (which otherwise used to be extremely good and reputable before their feminist hijacking). For example, deliberate denial of food aid to men during the Haitian earthquake (the false excuse, based on an unrelated report, being that all the men are selfish, and so only the women should get the food packets - This with no policies or punishments imposed to make women responsible with the food distribution to their families); and later, the men were engaged in building houses that were delivered in the names of women only (this time with no need for providing even an excuse). Similarly, international groups organize men's sports events (only because they are more popular and raise more money; otherwise their focus would only be on the women's events) and regardless, send the gathered money to the feminist causes (women's health, girls' empowerment, etc). In Srebrenica, and generally at the Bosnian and/or Kosovo war, the UN was eager to move out the "women and children" (that is to say, female children, because 12-year-old boys were left behind) and turned a blind eye to the decimation of the male population. Fact is, this kind of discrimination is part of a global level feminist Social Engineering, wherein, (ab)using the crisis caused by the natural disasters (and other factors such as poverty etc), a global matriarchy (the earlier stage of a feminist utopia) will slowly be established. Under that, men are made to be dependent upon women, be obedient to them (as the women get to decide whether the men will be kept alive or be starved), and silently submit to the violence and abuse perpetrated by the women on them (or face eviction from house, punishment by authorities, or death from starvation). In other words, under the imposed matriarchy men are the slaves and women their owners.
  • Men make up 93.2% of the total prison populace. After controlling for the offense level, criminal history, district, and offense type, men receive, on average, 12% longer prison sentence than women accused of the same crime. Overall, men are 15 times more likely to be incarcerated than women. Women generally receive much more lenient treatment than men for the same crime. Even though the women are treated less harshly while giving them prison sentences, the number of women in prisons is increasing at a much more rapid rate than the men. While rarer, when a woman does get a (very short) sentence for her (multiple) crimes, judges and the MSM get all emotional and wishy-washy, like it's one of their own family members getting the sentence. Research and government statistics have repeatedly shown that men get higher prison sentences than women even when all other factors are accounted for.
    Study shows that men are sentenced 63% more severely than women for the same crimes. In her paper "Estimating Gender Disparities in Federal Criminal Cases" that looks closely at a large dataset of federal cases, Prof Sonja Starr's research on federal criminal cases suggests that if you're a criminal defendant, it may help - a lot - to be a woman. After controlling for the arrest offense, criminal history, and other prior characteristics, "men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do" and "women are... twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted". The gender gap is about 6 times as large as the racial disparity that Prof Starr found in another recent paper. After estimating the amount of disparity left unexplained by the arrest offense and other control variables, the paper explores "why these gaps exist - and, in particular, whether unobserved differences between men and women might justify them". Prof Starr explores several potential mitigating factors, such as the "girlfriend theory" (that "women might be viewed as... mere accessories of their male romantic partners"), the role of women as primary caregivers to their children, and the "theory that female defendants receive leniency because they are more cooperative with the government". Although each of these theories found some support in the data, they did not appear capable of explaining anything close to the total disparity. If men and women are being treated differently by prosecutors and judges, what should be done about it? Prof Starr leaves that question to policymakers, but she does note that the solution "is not necessarily to lock up a lot more women, but perhaps to reconsider the decision-making criteria that are applied to men. About 1 in every 50 American men is currently behind bars, and we could think about gender disparity as perhaps being a key dimension of that problem."
    And still there are countries and feminists talking about closing all women prisons forever and showing concern for only women detainees (which is a minority by far, just under 5% of the prison population - with 4000 behind bars - in the UK). The judges are also being told to be more lenient toward only women criminals. There also are alternatives to prisons (like group and individual therapy, housing, job training, and transportation) for women who commit non-violent crimes, while the men who commit non-violent crimes rot in hell.
    On top of that, the policies are constantly and selectively being made worse for only the male prisoners, who receive inhumane treatment. Under a new rule, teenage girls who commit serious crimes will no longer be jailed. In Jamaica, gay men can be put in prison for sex acts but not lesbians.
  • Single mother Christine Anne Mayor heard her son Kyle Thomas (15) using abusive language. Since he could not talk properly and suffered with Echolalia, which means he repeated a lot of things people say, the mother hid a recording device inside a Waybuloo cuddly toy. She caught the care home staff "swearing at her severely autistic son" after she bugged his teddy bear. The tape reveals voices shouting and swearing at Kyle Thomas (15), calling him "dirty boy" as well as a series of expletives. After making the recording, Ms Mayor removed Kyle from the home and alerted the authorities. Following a lengthy investigation and formal hearing by Rhondda Cynon Taf council's Children's Services, 4 employees have been given formal warnings (but have remained in their posts).
  • And the list goes on.

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